Lost Mary OS5000 Vapes consolidate execution and style with their ergonomic shell and cross section curl for further developed flavor profiles. Each Lost Mary dispensable vape is battery-powered through USB-C charging link and contains 13ml of vape juice. Lost Mary OS5000 battery-powered vapes likewise give a battery pointer that permits vapers to beware of force levels while they are vaping. Green (high battery), blue (medium battery), and red (low battery) Drove colors show how much charge left in the 650mAh battery.


Vapers looking for the ideal equilibrium between execution and style need look no farther than Lost Mary OS5000 Vapes. These surprising disposables come total with an ergonomically-planned shell, network loop for improved flavor, USB-C charging link to re-energize them when required, a strong 650mAh battery – in addition to Drove lights that demonstrate power levels so you can vape on without stress! Furthermore, as though this wasn’t sufficient – they likewise gloat 13mls of premium quality vape juice giving us much more motivation to cherish our Lost Mary’s.
Prepare to find your ideal vape with Lost Mary OS5000! Ergonomic and in vogue, this battery-powered dispensable gadget is outfitted with a battery pointer Drove in green (high), blue (medium) or red (low). What’s more, the implicit 650mAh charger drives a great 13ml tank for most extreme character. Plug it in utilizing its USB-C charging link and you’re en route to vaping happiness.

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Lost Mary Vape. Made by Mythical being Bar, Lost Mary is a dispensable e-cigarette planned with double lattice curling innovation. It’s known for delivering a rich and heavenly flavor. There are as of now 3 different Lost Mary gadgets accessible to you in the UK; Lost Mary AM600, BM600, and QM600.
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